Freqently Ask Questions- Mastercard

What are the conditions for transferring funds from the card to an account?

Funds can be moved from the card to your account balance within a maximum period of one day.

What are the hours of operation for customer support?

Our customer support is available around the clock.

Can payments be made to Russian services like Yandex, VK, etc.?

Due to our bank's policy, making payments to entities legally based in the Russian Federation and Ukraine is not allowed. However, payments to such entities are permissible if their accounts are located in other countries. For instance, payments can be made to Yandex's branch in Switzerland (Yandex.Direct Lucern CH).

What does BIN stand for?

The Bank Identification Number (BIN) identifies the card's payment system (e.g., Visa, Mastercard), the issuing country, the issuing bank, etc. You can check our BINs independently using any BIN checker tool, such as

Why is verifying the account necessary?

Verifying your account enables the issuance of an unlimited number of cards and access to additional BINs.

What is the minimum amount required for a deposit?

The minimum amount required to top up a personal account is 100.00 USD, which is also the minimum when issuing a card.

Can funds be withdrawn from the service?

Withdrawals are indeed possible, subject to a 10% fee on the amount being withdrawn. It's important to note that the minimum amount for withdrawals is $100.

How trusted are our cards by media platforms?

Our cards enjoy a high level of trust and are compatible with nearly all advertising services. We actively combat fraudulent activities to maintain and enhance the trust media platforms place in our cards. Policy violations by users can lead to a ban.

How can transaction history be accessed?

Transaction history can be accessed by reaching out to us.

What are the steps to replenish the balance?

Navigate to the "Accounts" section, input the deposit amount (minimum of 30.00 USD), select "Top up," choose your deposit method (BTC or USDT), and proceed with the transfer.

What transactions are forbidden with our cards?

Using our cards for transferring funds to entities in Ukraine and the Russian Federation, purchasing cryptocurrency, funding payment systems, broker accounts, currency exchanges, or paying for gambling/betting and dating services is strictly forbidden. Violations will result in account suspension without a refund.

How is a card blocked?

To block a card, please contact us.

How is automatic card replenishment activated?

Upon card issuance, you'll have the option to enable automatic replenishment. To activate or modify this setting later, go to "Cards," select the card, click on "Auto-top-up," set the desired amount, and save.

What occurs if the card is not topped up timely?

Failure to timely top up will result in the card being blocked, with no option to unblock it. For convenience, consider using the "auto-top-up" feature.

What are the costs associated with card service?

Monthly service fees are as follows: Universal cards - 15 USD, Advertisement cards - 10 USD.

What is the timeframe for card issuance?

Cards are issued within a 24-hour timeframe.

Is it possible to block my card?

Yes, you can block your card by getting in touch with our customer support.